Wednesday 5 September 2012

5th September: The end of my year at the edge

I complete my year at the edge with an uneventful last walk & collection. Both the landscape and my finds are disappointly unremarkable... But I am accompanied by photographer Dave Wise (currently on residency with flyintheface) who marks the occasion with a pinhole portrait of me and the mad black dog: timeless like the debris that washes up from the sea....

high tide: 13.32 hrs 2.9m, low tide: 19.38 hrs 0.6m
time of arrival: 13.17 hrs  
weather: sunshine, wind  N 13 mph, temperature 18c
marine litter:small collection of the usual culprits

Friday 31 August 2012

31st August

My year at the edge is approaching its end - and what a way to go. The beach is deserted - it's like walking on my own island - and on day's like this, there is absolutely nowhere on earth I'd rather be...

Sadly, marine plastics litter the tideline. But there are a few interesting finds: a red silk flower lies poignantly on the water's edge; a burnt out Chinese lantern (no doubt a legacy of Aldeburgh Carnival fireworks night on the beach when many, many are released...) washes up tangled in a plastic bag; another Tampax pearl tampon applicator in an apparently 'fun' (P&G's description) pearlescent blue (to match the sea presumably where so many end up). Blue is 'regular flow' - appropriate as so many regularly flow arrive with the tidal flow...; finally, a smartie top (for me, treasure) - and it's a Z! If only this had turned up on my final walk.

high tide: 10.16 hrs 3.0m, low tide: 16.42 hrs 0.2m
time of arrival: 11.19 hrs  
weather: sunshine, wind  NE 17 mph, temperature 14c
marine litter: large quantities of polystyrene, plastic cups and rope & line

Sunday 12 August 2012

12th August

 Fabulous sea - perfect for a well-earned swim and play in the waves after litter-picking and walk... But several disturbing finds: fishing weights and barbed hooks (nice for swimmers...), a broken fluorescent light tube, several buried carrier bags filled with sand and used as weights. And, oddly, a steering wheel...

low tide: 12.39 hrs 1.2m, high tide: 19.04 hrs 2.3m
time of arrival: 11.49 hrs  
weather: sunshine, wind  ESE 15 mph, temperature 19c
marine litter: small amount but oddities...


Friday 3 August 2012

3rd August

Beautiful... Lively sea, unremarkable finds - except for a balloon from Hamleys, the world's finest toyshop - nearest branch Regent Street...

high tide: 11.20 hrs 3.1m, low tide: 17.46 hrs 0.1m
time of arrival: 14.14 hrs  
weather: sunshine, wind  SSW 18 mph, temperature 20c
marine litter: small amount, notably bottle tops and balloons